We can create an environment beyond your imagination.

The company has carried out a series of projects to protect the environment for domestic and foreign organizations and businesses…. We wish to contribute our expertise to businesses to create a green and clean living environment.

Consulting environmental records

Get implementation of environmental records Treating emissions, hazardous waste.

Environment treatment

Consulting, design, construction, installation of technological equipment, renovation and maintenance of works, technology transfer of environmental treatment works

4.5 Environmental standards

1.000+ trusted customers

Implementation of legal documents

Is a unit specialized in implementing legal documents as well as making necessary environmental documents for production facilities, businesses, and projects applying for investment licenses as well as already operating.

  • Waste source owner book
  • Obtain an underground water exploitation permit
  • Surface water exploitation license
  • Prepare environmental monitoring reports
  • Apply for a discharge permit

Provide the latest equipment

Tien Nam Phat is confident to provide quality and prestigious environmental machinery and equipment products and services

  • Machines
  • Supplies
  • Devices
  • Chemical
  • Microbiological treatment of the environment


Environmental products


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Numerous shrimp ponds do not yet have a wastewater treatment system

Environmental News) - Dozens of coastal shrimp ponds in Bao Ninh commune (Dong Hoi city), Hai Ninh (Quang Ninh district) and Ngu Thuy Bac (Le Thuy district) of ...

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Coral revived in Cu Lao Cham

(TN&MT) - Management Board of Cu Lao Cham MPA (Hoi An City) said that hard corals are reviving on concrete embankments on the island. This shows that the water

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France always accompanies Vietnam in the field of environmental protection

(TN&MT) - Talking with Minister Tran Hong Ha on March 2, French Ambassador Nicolas Warnery affirmed that France would always accompany Vietnam in the field of environment ...

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